Ann Arbor Weight Loss – Are Bootcamps Right For You?


If you live in Michigan and are looking for Ann Arbor weight loss programs, then you may want to think about joining a fitness boot camp. Let’s face it, losing weight is a hard. If you have a lot of pounds to go before your goal weight, it can be an uphill battle, and you may find that taking the first step is the hardest one. Those who want that extra push to start a new and healthy lifestyle should consider enrolling themselves in a fitness boot camp.

Fitness bootcamps are popular among those who enjoy pushing their bodies to the next level. Boot camp workouts involve a continuous set of activities that is done by a group of people and supervised by a personal trainer. Most of the time, it is done outdoors and have a mix of stretching, cardio, and strength exercises in every session. By blending this all together, you end up burning more fat while building lean tissue.

Aside from fitness freaks, you will also find these bootcamps popular among those who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle. There are many bootcamps out there who include fitness assessments, nutrition advice, and personalized workout programs designed around your current skill level. Here are some reasons why you should enroll yourself in an Ann Arbor weight loss boot camp:

  • Get motivated. Performing exercises with a group can push you to make sure that you do not get left behind. You will find that you can dig deeper and do more exercises when training in a group setting. Not just that, many people find that they enjoy these bootcamps, because it is such a refreshing change from working out alone or with a personal trainer. The camaraderie that you build with your groupmates during workouts is something that may be difficult to find in your local gym.
  • Burn calories within a short amount of time. Say goodbye to hanging around the water cooler or mindlessly chatting with your friends while on the treadmill. Bootcamps leave no room for that. In fact, if you are not gasping for air at the end of your workout or wishing that you had never been born, your trainer will feel that he has not done his job.
  • Make workouts fun. If cardio makes you yawn, then this may change the way you look at cardio forever. Your trainer will get your heart pumping and your feet moving while making sure to keep the fun factor up.

Among the many exercises that you can expect while in a boot camp are the following: body-weight squats, jumping jacks, step jumps, bicycling, crunches, and a lot more. Industry experts say that this workout can burn as much as 900 calories per session.

If you have decided on enrolling yourself in a boot camp, make sure that the trainers are qualified to coach you. Trainers that are not certified can easily lead you to injury. Aside from this, you should also ensure that you enroll in a bootcamp that gives you a personalized fitness plan that will help you continue on your road to healthy living. Enroll yourself in an Ann Arbor weight loss boot camp today and have fun, motivating workouts that torches calories in just one session.



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